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Pisces Motherfucker::> lead computer player, guitar player, screaming and yelping, journeyman meat cutter, backup chillaxin', batty bwoy.

Big Daddy Mugglestone::> lead drummer, second computer playing, guy (eunuch), screeching and moaning (heartfelt), chillaxin', ex-commie combatant.


Assdroids - Mother's Day (full download!)

assdroids mother's day

Long lost second album recorded and produced in Berlin in 2006, to be released as follow-up to Daddy's Gone on Cock Rock Disco, now available here in full, for the first time.

Pisces Motherfucker and Big Daddy Mugglestone needed a lot of help on this record and they got it::>

Jason Forest - remix, vox
Ignaz Schick - turntables
Augustin Maur s- cello
Sabine Vogel - flute
Ethan Schaffner - banjo
Elisabeth King - accordion
Ernst Karel - trumpet
Steve Buchanan - midi tap-dance
Grandma Mugglestone - sitar



Daft Crunk
directed by Philip Marnef | Released on Cock Rock Disco's White Cock Series

Snakes and Ladders
directed by Pau Magranè | Released on Daddy's Gone (Cock Rock Disco)

Assdroids vs. Steve Buchanan
directed by Pisces Motherfucker | To be released with Mother's Day